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Live at Phoenix Rockkeller Muttenz (CH) 04.09.2021...



Back to rocking hard in our rehearsal room...



The long wait is over!

F.U.S.E iscurrently putting 8 new songs through their paces, and are focusing on rehearsing and getting ready to rock your socks off. We can’t wait!

Are you ready to rock?!



Due to the Covid restrictions on live events, F.U.S.E is making good use of the time by writing new material. In our home offices of course!

Let’s see what comes of this. It’s sounding good for now.



After a long period trying out many guitarists, F.U.S.E is proud to announce that we can introduce JT, our new man on the lead strings. Over the years spanning his varied and fruitful career. JT has played with bands like Red Linie, Wild Spirit, 7th Key, Cry Baby, Fuzzbox, Backgammon and Release 5. We welcome you JT and are looking forward to your influences and wealth of experience!



Still searching...

We haven’t quite found the right guitarist yet, but we’re sticking to it and are sure we will find our man sooner or later.



Our Lead guitarist Dome has decided to part ways with F.U.S.E after around three years with the band.

F.U.S.E wishes him all the very best in his future musical endeavours and wants to thank him for his creativity and hard work. We had good times together we’ll never forget.

Rock on!



Live at Rockfact Münchenstein...



The Fässli in Liestal is shutting its doors for good.


F.U.S.E was invited again to play at their “destruction concert” on their final night, 23.03.2019. It was a huge honour to be part of this event, for which we don’t seem to have any photos (maybe that’s a good thing). It’s a shame that yet another location is closing down that gave many bands a home to play their tunes over the years. We wish to thank the entire Fässli team that always worked so hard to put on a good show, and were always up for a laugh and some fun.



There must be something nice behind the bar...



Live at Fässsli Liestal...




Hey! That’s MY cake...



Live at Fahrbar Münchenstein...




Live at Redrocks Basel...




Even Fusicians need a beer or 2 or 6 from time to time....