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Now the time has come.

The first official FUSE video is online.

FUSE would like to thank everyone involved who made this possible.




F U S E have set themselves the task of shooting a video.

This will be published here and on youtube soon. Thank you for everything that made this possible. MC Barba Rojas who gave the clip a certain touch with their machines. To all those who presented a excellent audience with patience and sweat. Everything behind the light and sound technology that creates a great atmosphere. A big THANK YOU to Micha (, who did a great job with his equipment and once again a lot of patience. Last but not least, the Meyer-Spinnler AG for the location and trust.





Another unforgettable evening at the Phoenix Rockkeller...


A huge THANK YOU to the whole team from Phoenix Rockkeller for the organization and to Re:Loaded for their great support on Saturday night. You guys really killed it!


Last but not least, we would like to thank the audience, you guys are just amazing. You set the location alight time after time. Thanks to you, rock on, and long live Phoenix!


We'll be back...




F U S E is now one of the bands that can present themselves with a DEMO CD. This happened on our own with a lot of HELP from Micha!!!

At this point, F U S E would like to thank Micha, especially for his patience.





F U S E would like to thank the whole Seppi's Mampferia team and the great audience for an unforgettable evening on June 11th, 2022 in Möhlin.

What a mood... just fantastic...





Our angel Sabrina

Thank you for all your good deeds, trust and support

We love you...




Many thanks to the Iron-T21 team for an unforgettable night. It could't have happenend without you. You guys truly know how to rock!




Live at Rockfact Münchenstein (CH) 05.02.2022...



We are proud to announce the joining of Stephan on Bass, with whom weare very excited to head into the next chapter of our history.

Welcome Stephan!!!



After a fantastic time together over the past few years, Dane our bass player has decided he wishes to move on from F.U.S.E.


We wish Dane all the very best, and thank him for the countless good times we shared and will never forget



Many thanks to the Phoenix team for an unforgettable night. It could't have happenend without you. You guys truly know how to rock!